Lorraine Kennedy



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September 16

Immortal Legacy Book 1

Dark Melody

How far would you go?

Nicole’s entire life changes the day her boss sends her to talk to the local rock musician and heartthrob, Alec Norwood to ask for his help. It doesn’t take long for Nicole to realize that Alec is a vampire and his music is as dark and sexy as his kiss is deadly.
Alec’s hunger for Nicole is out of control, but he would do anything to protect, even from himself.
Nicole is destined to a legacy that she cannot even begin to fathom and a love that is just as dark.

The story of the Immortals as told by the characters. The Immortal Legacy series will be released in novellas. 



September 30

Beautiful Creatures

   Nicole is introduced to the dark underworld of New Orleans and to an experience that will leave her questioning everything she thought was real.
   Nothing in her life has prepared her for Alec or his kind. There are many wondrous and dark discoveries ahead of her, including unraveling the mystery of her past.

   For hundreds of years, Alec has taken what he wanted from women, eventually turning them into feeders, but Nicole is different. He wants so much more from her, but yet she is the one woman he cannot have.



October 28

Sensual darkness that sizzles

Is Nicole in love or under the vampire's spell? Nothing in her life has ever been easy, but falling in love with a vampire could be the biggest mistake of her life. Nothing she has faced before compares to what she is going through now. Not only is there an ancient vampire out to kill her but the one she loves may be forever out of reach.