Lorraine Kennedy



Wolves are dangerous, but Mya doesn't realize how dangerous until she falls in love with one.

Mya Reynolds' life is everything a young college girl could want. She has great parents and an awesome best friend, but the day she stares into the eyes of a gorgeous Native American biker, it all comes crumbling down around her. The love Mya finds with David consumes her body and soul, but that love also threatens to destroy her and everyone she loves.

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Witches, Wolves and Romance!

Mya Reynolds was conceived in a world of witches and demons, but it’s a world she doesn’t know, not until her ill-fated summer on the Navajo Indian Reservation. There she discovers a world that exists just below the surface of reality, and like many before her, she also discovers that loving the wolf can have disastrous consequences. 





The only thing stronger than the wolf’s savage hunger is his love for one girl.

Mya and David’s story climaxes in Skinwalkers – Song of Wolves. This book will be released in volumes. In volumes, one and two, the final book of the Skinwalkers series, Mya, Donny and Wilson are fighting for their lives, while Mya searches for a way back from her nightmare and into David’s arms. 




Skinwalker Series Collection

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Bad Moon Rising
Witching the Wolf
Song of Wolves